Logistics Development in Zhengzhou, opportunities for Dutch logistics industry

Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan Province, the most populous province lies in central China with over 100 million inhabitants. In recent years, Zhengzhou has witnessed tremendous development in construction of logistics infrastructure and vigorous interaction with the rest of the world. Today, Zhengzhou airport is among China’s top 4 airports in airfreight, and the number of operational China-Europe block trains from/to Zhengzhou ranks the 3rd in China. Moreover, with ambitious master plan being carried out and favourable geographical location that stays perfectly close to two major business circles – Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei business circle and the Yangtze River business circle, Zhengzhou would provide considerable potential in logistics industry in the future.

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Bron: Consulaat-Generaal in Guangzhou

Contact informatie:

NBSO in Jinan, Henan:
Chief Representative: Ming Eikelenboom
Deputy Rep NBSO Jinan: Liu Peng