Business opportunity – meat import

China’s biggest meat company is looking for import of Dutch meat

Shuanghui Group (, is the largest meat processing company in China, with annual meat production of 3.7 million ton, and annual sales of RMB 50 billion. The business includes the whole industry chain, including feed, farming, slaughtering and meat processing. The company acquired US-based Smithfield, and has established a subsidiary in Poland.

In 2017, the volume of meat import and export totals 320,000 ton, valued at USD 700 million. The import of Shaunghui accounts for 12% of the total import in China. With the current China’s trade war with US, more meat import are expected to switch to Europe.

The company is interested to import meat, especially pork, from the Netherlands. They are looking for Dutch meat suppliers.

Contact information:

Mr. Fons Lamboo / Chief Representative NBSO Wuhan

Mr. Yuan Fei / Deputy Representative  NBSO Wuhan

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